D-Day for Energy Freedom
Historians may regard July 22, 2008, as D-Day in the war for energy freedom.
The Cellulosic Reality
Some reports suggest cellulosic ethanol production is 10, perhaps 20, years away. But with POET’s Project Bell, it’s already here.
A Decade of Transformation
As POET marks the 10-year anniversary of its plant in Preston, Minn., employees and original investors, along with the town’s 1,500 residents, share in the celebration.
Finding Common Ground
Onward and Upward
Rod Pierson, Director of Plant Operations for POET, believes in constant improvements—on the job, in his personal life and throughout his community.
The Renewable Revolution
As the world’s oil supply dwindles and greenhouse gases take their toll on the environment, renewable resources and technologies can sustain the planet and improve our way of life.
New Frontiers
Today’s ethanol industry is cleaner, more efficient and more profitable than ever. And the future looks even brighter.
You Say You Want a Revolution
Renew: Fall 2008


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