Big Oil vs. Agriculture
My experience in ethanol production started on the farm. My father held to the conviction that good farmland should be put to good use. He didn’t like being paid by the government for “set-aside acres.” He wanted to turn corn into a higher-value product like energy. So he did just that. Our family built a small ethanol plant to make clean-burning fuel.
Major Advances in Transportation Sector Fuels
As a retired Vice Admiral, Navy pilot and fleet commander, I have seen firsthand how ensuring an uninterrupted flow of oil to the United States has tremendous costs and puts our men and women in uniform in harm’s way.
Big Picture Outlook
An event that rocked the nation threw this finance expert’s life into perspective.
Find your Michael
This summer I was “elected” as the director of youth hockey in Lakeville, Minn. At the time, I ran unopposed. I viewed this as a resounding endorsement for my vision for the future of our early development program.
All sides win
When POET started separating corn oil during the ethanol process, it also created the ability to offer a variety of fat levels in their DDGS products offering customers the unique option to choose their level.
Candidate QuotesEthanol is at the intersection of so many issues relevant to the U.S. and its politics: energy, the environment, national security, jobs and more. The issue has been addressed to some degree by each candidate as they campaign ahead of the Republican caucuses and primaries. Here’s what they’ve been saying.
A broader push toward sustainability
POET adds to its Ingreenuity goals with a new focus on greenhouse gasses and bio-based products.
Partnering for Success in Minnesota
A partnership between southwest Minnesota farmers and POET has yielded a bumper crop of opportunities at the Bingham Lake biorefinery for nearly 15 years.
Where it all started
The farm-scale plant that started it all for the Broin family is still running strong in rural South Dakota.


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