Global Sustainability
Leaders Meet in Copenhagen.
From the Outside In
Dan Loveland spent 10 years “looking through the window” as POET’s outside CPA and tax advisor during the company’s formative years. He was so inspired by the organization’s entrepreneurial bent and the ethanol industry’s capacity for good that he left a secure leadership position at a CPA firm and joined POET as Chief Financial Officer in 2001. The forward-thinking Loveland has never looked back.
A Decade of Change
As we stepped into the 21st century a decade ago, those who had dreamed of hover-cars and personal spacecraft were undoubtedly disappointed.
An Aspiring Alternative to Petroleum
How zein extraction is helping green America’s future.
Maximizing Efficiency. Minimizing Impact
The next generation of engine technology is here.
Bringing Change to Fuel and Farm
In ramping up to build one of the world’s first commercially viable cellulosic ethanol plants at its Emmetsburg, Iowa biorefinery, POET is preparing to change not only how fuel is made, but also how farmers help to produce it.
Clean Slate
On the Hill
A Barrel of Corn
In this, the last of a three part series on the potential of corn, Vital depicts the ways corn is quickly becoming the replacement to oil. Its use as a biofuel is well-known, but scientists are developing ways to use other parts of the corn plant to replace petroleum based products.
A Strong Signal
In a letter to Growth Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency laid out a concrete path for approval of ethanol blends of up to 15 percent in our nation’s fuel.


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