Best of Both Worlds
Farmers across the Midwest are not only protecting the environment, but they are increasing their profitability by using a variety of methods to farm sustainably.
Leading By Example
A partnership between American Ethanol and NASCAR will send the message of ethanol to over 75 million race fans.
Realizing the E15 Opportunity
EPA approval begins the journey to bring E15 into the marketplace.
Life… A Game of Inches
I realize I’m probably not alone in saying that were it not for a few select individuals who happened to show up at just the right time in my life things could have turned out very differently for me.
Squeezing More Potential From Corn
POET’s biorefinery near Hudson, South Dakota is now the first in the POET family to commercially produce corn oil from distillers grains.
Father of Discovery
Steve Lewis, POET’s Chief Science Officer, loves a good mystery. And every day, this microbiology visionary unlocks more clues to helping POET produce ethanol in the most efficient, most effective way.
NASCAR and American Ethanol: The Beginning of a Great Partnership
Guest Column
The Push and Pull of Natural Gas
What role should natural gas play in America’s energy future?
First Look: Seeds of Change


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