Two decades of opportunities
Twenty three years ago, Deb Roth never would have believed the changes in cutting edge ethanol technology she’s been able to be a part of.
The Great Diversion
Never have I welcomed the transition to fall as much as this year. You can probably imagine why with me being a “risk manager” and responsible primarily for controlling POET’s monthly corn costs.
The ethanol story – and solution – every American must see.
A New Way to Serve His Country
Forty years after first volunteering for the Iowa National Guard, retired Brigadier General Gary Eischeid is now helping POET in the fight to reduce American dependence on foreign oil.
The Underdog
It’s my 6th season in the NFL and every time I step out on the field I still get that same rush. I hope it’s not something that I’ll ever take for granted.
Introducing Conservation Biomass
Approaching biomass opportunities from a restoration perspective.
Fair & Square
Ethanol industry leaders believe the future is bright, given the tools to compete on a level playing field with oil.
Barometer: Fall 2011
First Look: Extremely Confident
When I was the general manager of our first plant in Scotland, SD, I vividly remember making many trips to our state capitol in Pierre to lobby for the state ethanol producer payment.
Renew: Fall 2011


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