The Ethanol Swap
Ethanol shipments in 2011 crossed at sea as regulations caused ethanol producers in Brazil and the U.S. to trade in each other’s markets.
Thriving on the Edge of the Cornbelt
Dispelling early fears, the location of POET’s Laddonia, Missouri biorefinery has turned out to be an unexpected blessing.
Kindles in the Cow Pasture
POET uses e-readers to keep feed research at customers’ fingertips
Building a bio-based future – together
Sustainability is DSM’s core value: everything we do should be sustainable. POET shares this focus on sustainability.
Combining experience, capital, vision
A new partnership strengthens the Iowa cellulosic project
Who is DSM?
End Times is a Waste of Time
Admit it. This Mayan Calendar thing has buried itself somewhere deep inside your subconscious.
8,000 miles to a dream career
Naren Narendranath brings an international perspective to the POET team
First Look: An Eye Toward the Future
At POET, we’ve always got an eye toward the future, even as we continue to improve the business opportunities of today. I’ve seen many projects move from “possible” to “probable” and finally to “reality” in my years in ethanol production. Each time, it takes a large number of people considering many different angles to make it happen.
Pulse: Spring 2012
Get Biofuel: Spring 2012
Perspective: Spring 2012


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