People of POET: Patrick LarsonMeet Patrick Larson, EH&S Specialist at POET–Arthur
Charting a New CoursePOET named country’s 17th-largest container shipper
People of POET: Justin StrawnLearn more about Business Capability Manager Justin Strawn!
People of POET: Kevin DeilkeLearn more about POET – Chancellor Material Handler II, Kevin Deilke! South Dakota raised, Deilke enjoys the “kid in a sandbox” feeling and the variety of his job at POET each day.
April 22 and Beyond: Earth Day Every DayPOET hosts fourth annual company-wide volunteer event
Empowering Women in STEM: A Journey of Leadership and Growth
People of POET: Gabby MartiLearn more about POET - Arthur Grain Buyer, Gabby Marti!
People of POET: Autumn HaanLearn more about POET - Chancellor Laboratory Technician II, Autumn Haan! A native from Chancellor, SD, she’s thankful and eager to participate in every opportunity she’s been given at POET.
Beyond Beakers
Inside POET’s new & improved lab
River Revival
Team Members Across POET’s Footprint Participate in Iowa Project AWARE
Making Waves
POET continues to grow global presence
Empowering Community Champions
POET Bioprocessing Facilities award nearly $150,000 in Community Impact Grants
The “Great Eight”
POET in the News: POET partners with SDSU, SD Mines on POET Bioproducts Institute
POET in the News: Ethanol Versus Oil in Global Crisis Biofuels Backers, POET Executive Point to Advantages Ethanol Offers in Conflict, Climate
POET in the News: POET highlights 2021’s sustainability achievements
POET in the News: Biggest biofuel producer in US pledges carbon neutrality by 2050
POET in the News: Largest U.S. biofuels producer pledges carbon neutrality by 2050
POET in the News: POET features in film on environmental benefits of biofuels
Celebrating Six Success Stories for our 6th Birthday
Get Biofuel: A Legend for a LegendHow do you thank someone who helped to build an entire industry?
A Different Kind of Earth Day
The Need for Continuous Innovation in Agriculture and Bioprocessing
Conundrum Answers
POET CEO Jeff Broin Honored As Biofuels Visionary
Agriculture’s Critical Role in the Climate Revolution
EPA Creates Setbacks for Cellulosic Innovation
U.S. Biofuels Sector Can Boost Global Agriculture
Thank You, Farmers, for Advocating for Ag and Biofuels
‘A Great Victory in the Renewable Revolution’Biofuels, Ag Industry Advocates Celebrate President Trump’s Plan to Uphold RFS
Biofuels Policy: What You Need to Know
E15 Represents Bright Spot for Agriculture
POET Named to FORTUNE's Fifth Annual ‘Change the World’ List
Trump Heralds Widespread Benefits of Year-round E15 During Iowa Visit
‘I fought very hard for ethanol, and you proved me right’
EPA Issues Final E15 RuleBiofuels Industry Leaders, Stakeholders Celebrate Historic Announcement to Provide Uninterrupted Access to E15
Lower Gasoline Production Drives California Price Spike
Brazilian Ethanol Retail Infrastructure Provides Model for United States
U.S. ethanol proponents say Brazil is leading the way in integrated model for fuel infrastructure
Jeff Broin Receives Bioeconomy Leadership AwardBroin recognized for his vision, leadership in developing, deploying biofuel technology
Rural America & Biofuels
EPA Issues Proposed Rule to Lift E15 Restrictions: What Does It Mean for Air Quality?
POET Named to Fast Company’s Annual List of The World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019
Biofuels Offer Pivotal Solution to Grow Grain Demand During Challenging Times in Agriculture, Industry Leaders Tell Farmers at Farmers Business Network Conference
Farmer2Farmer Q&A Follow-Up
Perdue Stresses Commitment to Carry Out Trump’s E15 DirectiveBiofuels Supporters Thank South Dakota Delegation, Secretary of Agriculture for Relentless Work on Securing Year-round E15
Trump Lifts Restrictions on Year-round E15 SalesAnnouncement Seen as Boon for Farm Economy
Mission Hope and Kakuswi School for the Deaf Are Changing the World
Simple Gesture from Mission Hope Trip Participants "Will Pay Off in Countless Smiles"
Policy Corner: White House Seeks to Grow Biofuels and Cut Costs for RefinersBiofuels Industry Rejects RIN Cap and Promotes “Win-Win-Win” Plan
Advocacy Efforts Help Garner Big Wins for Biofuels in 2017EPA Should Act Quickly on RVP Fix to Keep Momentum
U.S. Senators Respond to EPA’s Proposal to Reduce 2018, 2019 RVOs
RVP Relief Needed to Drive Growth, Innovation in Cellulosic Biofuels
More Energy, More Choice
Moving the Needle on Cellulosic Biofuels
Industry experts say introduction of higher blends needed to justify continued investment in research and development
Seeds of Change: Kakuswi School for the Deaf
"This girl would not have a future without this school"
Change in Point of Obligation Could Result in Loss of Retail Industry Support for Higher Blends, RFS
Infographics: The Ethanol Process
Research Shows Biomass Harvesting is Part of Good Farm Management
Sustainable crop residue removal
Two concepts we’ve prioritized in crop residue harvesting at POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels: “being careful” and “following the research.”
Project LIBERTY Update
God Made A Farmer, and thank God for that
And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said I need a caretaker- So God made a Farmer.
The Relationships We Made
When 17-year-old Miranda Broin agreed to participate in a mission trip to Kenya, Africa, she knew she would be volunteering her time to help out the people of a town called Tawa. What she didn’t anticipate was the impact that the people there would have on her or that the love they showed would steal her heart.


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