The reality of Project LIBERTY can be found around the Emmetsburg, Iowa area in the form of biomass bales… and the steel supports of the rising biorefinery.
A Steady Performer
A successful NASCAR® season and recent announcements by Ford and General Motors, have allowed E15 to help move America one step closer to energy independence.
Hoosier Hospitality
For POET Biorefining in Portland, Indiana and its young general manager, a welcoming community was key to their success.
Seeds of Hope
POET’s Founder and his family connect with others in rural Kenya farm community.
A Solid Election
Biofuels supporters won several key races in the election this year helping the ethanol industry maintain a base of legislative support.
One Voice
Fuels America was created as a united voice to fight for the Renewable Fuel Standard. And they’ve got their work cut out for them.
Revolution is Everything
A clean energy leader, New Holland is committed to helping American farmers through American Ethanol.
The Daily Commute
What’s the key to overcoming the often mundane task of commuting to work?
See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It®In the past two years, team members at POET were each trained in the Oz Principle® Accountability Training®. Based on the best-selling book The Oz Principle, team members were reminded what it meant to be accountable in the work place.
Mayor Kalvig
After nearly two decades, Darren Kalvig still considers the chance he took on POET one of the smartest things he’s ever done.
Perspective: Should America use more homegrown sources for our fuel?Your perspective on timely issues.
First Look: "No sign of slowing down."
As I look at what the next iteration of POET will look like through 2013, I see no sign that our forward movement is slowing down.
In Sight: "Yes we can!"
Fifteen years ago, I spent several weeks riding around the back roads of Northeast Missouri in Grover Gamm’s black Cadillac.
Pulse: Winter 2013From issues relating to government policies, to infrastructure and opinion pieces, the ethanol industry has much to be reported on. Here is a representation of the past few months of news coverage. The comments do not necessarily represent the opinions of POET, LLC.
Renew: Winter 2013
Get Biofuel: 2012 season exciting and rewardingAmerican Ethanol Wraps up Successful Season


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