A Right to Water
With millions of people living without access to clean drinking water, Global Health Ministries, with the help of the POET Foundation, is devoting time and money to fix the lack of this vital resource.
Plugging In
Electric cars are luring green-focused drivers away from conventional vehicles, but infrastructure roadblocks make this alternative a question of practicality.
While it’s called the Farm Bill, the actual agriculture aspects of the bill make up less than one-fifth of the five-year omnibus.
Guest Column
Eco Trek’s Best of America Tour
10,000 miles. One impactful educational tour about the cellulosic ethanol promise.
Racing to Results
Growth Energy’s annual leadership conference provided members with an in-depth look into top industry issues and their own NASCAR experience.
True To His Roots
Denny DeVos, POET’s VP of Corporate Finance, brings a down-home, long-term approach to helping guide the company’s financial future.
My Day at Daytona
February 20th, 2011 is a day I’ll never forget. That Sunday, I had the opportunity to experience the “Great American Race” in person for the 53rd running of the Daytona 500.
Tipoff for a Whole New Ballgame
By dedicating its first acquired and retrofitted ethanol plant since 1987, POET has brought renewed hope and a brighter future to Cloverdale, Indiana.
Renew: Spring 2011
Barometer: Spring 2011
First Look: American Independence
First Look by Jeff Broin, CEO, POET


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