Boosting Yields
Raising corn production is goal of Pioneer, Monsanto, Syngenta and U.S. farmers.
Run Forrest Run
Sling This
Commodities Assistant Ryan Schroeder, POET Biorefining – Leipsic in Ohio, found the solution to a problem with innovation and ingenuity.
Grace Under Pressure
Jeff Lautt, Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations at POET, is known for his steady leadership and nerves of steel – traits that are essential in managing and growing the nation’s largest ethanol company.
Equal Ground
Pipelines will provide ethanol the transport efficiency to compete equally with other fuels.
The American Farmer
Joining Forces
Growth energy is going through some growth of its own. The new group of ethanol producers and advocates announced at the 2009 Fuel Ethanol Workshop in June that it is welcoming another industry organization into its fold.
Ethanol is Pro-American
Allowing higher blends of ethanol has become a priority in Washington.
A Little Luck Never Hurts


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