3 Billion Gallons Strong
POET acquires Flint Hills Resources bioethanol assets in their entirety.
POET to Launch Film on Environmental Benefits of Biofuels
Documentary-style film, produced for POET by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, premiering in June.
POET and Princeton Inspire Students to Design a ‘Net-Zero America’
Get Biofuel
The movement to educate all drivers to FUEL BEYOND
POET Gives Back: Earth Day 2021
Policy Corner: Biden’s Infrastructure Plan & the Biofuel Opportunity
Out of Left Field: Life is Not a Destination Apparently
People of POET: Adam Wirt
General Manager with a passion for farming builds a long-term career at POET
Farm Fresh: How Merging Soil Test Results with Yield Data is Changing Farming
Prime the Pump: C-Stores Stand Ready to Offer E15 Nationwide
E15 compatible with nearly all existing fuel infrastructure
In Sight: Our Low Carbon Future
POET PAC: Meet the Freshman Class
Get Biofuel: A Dirt Road Less Traveled
Mechanics Corner: Bioethanol: Try It for Yourself


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