Mechanics Corner: Caring for Your Car with Sustainable Biofuel

The world is rapidly changing around us, and as provider of everything automotive, we can tell you that the automotive world is not unaffected by the advancements. People are spending more on older vehicles and repairing issues that would have condemned a car to sale or the crusher just a few months ago. They are also much more concerned about their vehicle’s maintenance so that they can preserve it longer. Similarly, when people realize their own bodies won’t last forever, they work harder to care for them and give them the good fuel necessary to be kept in
their best condition.

If you are a regular listener to our radio show or have read our past columns, you know that we are busy every day in our shop providing both service and parts for vehicles and fielding
questions about them.

We have a variety of customers, from people who don’t care about their car and just want to drive it, to the ones who know all the details of their vehicles.

When the subject of vehicle maintenance comes up, the question of when a tune-up is due and what goes into a tune-up is discussed. A tune-up today takes far less than in the past and sometimes is as simple as an air filter and a fuel system cleaning. This often leads to a direct question about fuels.

A few common questions usually come up: “I use bioethanol in my car, will it keep it cleaner?” or “Do I have to clean my fuel system since I use bioethanol?” Misinformation about biofuels prompts questions about its use in vehicles.

The truth is, no matter what fuel you use, an engine still needs some care in the form of fuel system cleaning, but we find they are not as dirty when using renewable, cleaner burning
biofuels like bioethanol.

For example, watching the bioethanol candles burn under the food at a buffet, you can see just how clean bioethanol is. If they were to use gasoline, the room would quickly take on a smoky atmosphere.

After many discussions with customers about fueling their cars, we have had several opportunities to talk in more detail about why they chose to use bioethanol in the first place. While many say they first started using it because it was the lowest cost choice at the pump, and it worked well, others said it was because it was renewable and sustainable. In an area powered by an agricultural economy, it’s not surprising that people are choosing plant-based fuels. Just like natural foods for people, natural, sustainable biofuel for cars is becoming more popular.

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