Seeds of Change: Changing Lives Through New Annual Corporate Sponsorship

Novozymes signs on as the first corporate sponsor for Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change was founded in 2014 with three core areas of focus: quality education, helping farmers reach sustainability through agriculture, and improving the environment with clean-burning biofuels. As the organization grows and reaches more of the world, there is an increasing need for support — big and small — as well as visionaries who think alike.

In 2019, Seeds of Change rolled out a three-tiered Corporate Partner Sponsorship program for year-round, more intimate involvement. It wasn’t long before Novozymes, a world leader in biological solutions, officially signed as the first annual corporate sponsor at the Platinum Level.

Novozymes has been supporting Seeds of Change through various events and activities for about six years. Seeds of Change Director Alicia ElMamouni says the company’s involvement is an extension of the passion they have for changing people’s lives.

“Novozymes has long had a commitment to sustainable projects and improving the world around us,” said ElMamouni.

The partnership between the Denmark-based company and POET dates back nearly 15 years with a strong history of innovation, commercial development and the push for higher ethanol blends and expanding markets while preserving the planet.

“Novozymes is proud to be the first corporate sponsor,” Novozymes North America President and Bioenergy Vice President Brian Brazeau said.

“Novozymes has a strong market position and supplies biological solutions to more than 30 different industries,” Brazeau said. “Our enzymatic and microbial solutions help bring biological answers to many of the global challenges we face today, and our new long-term strategy, ‘Better business with biology,’ sets the direction for Novozymes and will ensure that we will create more impact for our customers, for our business and for the world. This resonates well with Seeds of Change’s mission and we look forward to working together to support Seeds of Change initiatives.”

The program is already making an impact, said Seeds of Change Co-Founder and Board Secretary Miranda Broin, “Not only has Novozymes been an integral part of POET’s mission to change the world, but they are also enacting change in a completely different way through their dedication to Seeds of Change.”

Novozymes is the world’s largest provider of enzyme and microbial technologies, and its bio-innovation enables higher agricultural yields, low-temperature washing and energy-efficient production, as well as renewable fuel and other benefits.

In fact, the company now has a presence in East Africa with a new office in Nairobi, Kenya. They’ve developed enzyme technology to allow detergent producers to develop better, more affordable detergents for local consumers. In addition, the company works with breweries across sub-Saharan Africa to help save time, energy and water in beer production. This continued investment will allow Novozymes to meet customer and consumer needs across the globe.

“We are so grateful for their partnership and their vision. It enables us to look into the future and plan for greater impact around the world,” ElMamouni said.

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