Renew: POET Biorefining — Macon celebrated 20 years of operation this year.

POET Biorefining – Macon was Missouri’s first ethanol plant and began production in May of 2000 with an initial production capacity of 15 million gallons of ethanol. Today, the biorefinery produces 46 million gallons of ethanol per year and has added the production of Dakota Gold distillers grains and carbon dioxide. It is the largest company by revenue in Northeast Missouri and employs 45 people.

To celebrate the 20-year anniversary, past and current employees, community members and local lawmakers including Missouri Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe attended an anniversary ceremony in September. The event included a bench dedication ceremony to John Eggleston, the former president of POET Biorefining — Macon and Northeast Missouri Grain Processors.

General Manager Scott Tuttle said it was exciting to celebrate the progress made over 20 years. “We had a significant stabilizing force in demand for grain in northeast Missouri. We consume about 16 to 17 million bushels of corn each year and we enjoy dealing with and cooperating with our partners that are farmers. This is great for the area, great for us, great for the community.”



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