Pulse: Winter 2013

From issues relating to government policies, to infrastructure and opinion pieces, the ethanol industry has much to be reported on. Here is a representation of the past few months of news coverage. The comments do not necessarily represent the opinions of POET, LLC.


"… ethanol is the primary octane enhancer and fuel oxygenate, and there are few alternatives for U.S. oxygenate blends. Thus, it is markets, not mandates, that ultimately will determine the scale of ethanol production and its use of scarce corn."

- Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, in a report titled “Markets, Not Mandates, Shape Ethanol Production,” looking back at the drought and ethanol’s impact on corn resources.


"The decline in energy imports reflects increased domestic petroleum and natural gas production, increased use of biofuels (much of which are produced domestically), and demand reductions resulting from rising energy prices and the adoption of new efficiency standards for vehicles."

- Energy Information Administration, in a summary of its 2013 Annual Energy Outlook.


"Nearly a decade ago, DuPont set out to develop innovative technology that would result in low capital and low-cost cellulosic ethanol production. We recognized that science-powered innovation was the catalyst to make cellulosic ethanol a commercial reality and to help reduce global dependence on fossil fuels."

- James C. Collins, president, DuPont Industrial Biosciences, at the groundbreaking for the company’s 30 million gallon-per-year cellulosic ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa.


"Special interests will stop at nothing to discredit the success of renewable fuels created right here at home to ensure their lock on the fuels market goes unchecked. They continue to protect the status quo, ensuring our addiction to foreign oil and preventing consumers a choice at the pump."

- Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis, responding to the anti-RFS comments from API


"Our military is on the cutting edge technologically, but much of our fighting capability relies on foreign fossil fuels and decadesold power systems. That dependence has very real human and economic costs."

- Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, after the Senate’s passage of an amendment to allow the Department of Defense to continue efforts to use more biofuels.


"We believe the Renewable Fuels Standard is unworkable and should be repealed."

- American Petroleum Institute Downstream Group Director Robert Greco to reporters, continuing efforts to repeal the RFS.


"Today’s decision means the Renewable Fuel Standard remains strong and stable policy, and our industry can move forward with greater confidence, continuing to invest in new technology to make biofuels production even more efficient and commercializing fuel production from cellulosic feedstocks such as crop residue and other plant material."

- POET CEO Jeff Lautt, after the EPA denied a waiver of the Renewable Fuel Standard




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