In Sight: The Rhythm of Nature

The Earth was made to thrive in natural rhythm, like music — or poetry. But we have taken too much from our planet for too long, and it’s only a matter of time before the effects of our actions become irreversible. That’s why we’re working every day to restore harmony between human and nature.

Sustainability is not a new concept here at POET. It has always been at the heart of our business and the core to our success. Our commitment is brought to life by the suite of Earth-friendly products we’ve created, the dedication of our team members and the economic viability and wellbeing of the communities
we call home.

This is why POET is proud to announce the release of our first sustainability report.

Since POET’s founding, we’ve made improving the environment part of our mission. Today we are taking on climate action on many fronts, including updating our sustainability goals and pursuing policy that helps consumers reduce their everyday environmental impact by expanding access to cleaner, lower-carbon biofuel blends across the nation. The intent of this report is to truly challenge ourselves to focus on key areas where we can do better. We’re setting the bar high to ensure a
sustainable future for all.

We are investing in the latest biotechnology to promote efficiency and produce even cleaner renewable energy. We are continually diversifying our business to meet worldwide needs, creating plant-based bioproducts that displace toxic petrochemicals. We are working toward producing more bioethanol made from low-carbon grain by partnering with farmers throughout our footprint who are leading the way in regenerative agricultural practices.

Part of POET’s mission is giving back — both in Midwestern communities that have joined us in our mission and in developing countries all over the world. Whether it’s through our time, our resources or our hands-on involvement, we hope to have lasting positive impacts — not just at home, but across the globe. Simply put, our products and — perhaps most importantly — our people are making the world a better place.

And we’re just getting started.

Our experience over the past three decades has proven that sound corporate stewardship and world-class environmental performance are fundamentals of good business. By outlining our vision for sustainability, we aim not only to position POET for long-term success, but to blaze a trail in the global transition to decarbonization.

Make no mistake — we are at a tipping point. We are seeing the effects of climate change more every day. Right now, the world needs leaders to lead and innovators to innovate.

At POET, we believe in the power of agriculture to play a key role in solving global challenges. We believe in embracing Earth’s inherent rhythm and harvesting energy from its surface to compose a brighter future. We believe in a world where farmers are the creators and innovators are the heroes.

Just as a poet turns ordinary words into extraordinary prose, we will continue to use the simple gifts God has provided — the sun, the soil and the seed — to cultivate a better world for
generations to come.




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