Energy for Life: What’s on your mind?

Each issue, Melissa Ellefson will answer a frequently asked health-related question and provide practical advice for incorporating wellness into your everyday life.

Q: I travel a lot for work. I often find myself searching for something healthy to eat and a place to get exercise. Do you have any ideas?

A: Whether you are on the road for work or play, sticking to your wellness goals can be tough. Nourishing your body, exercising and getting quality rest while you are away from home may take a bit of extra effort, but it can be done. Here’s how:


No need to buy the expensive, pre-packaged, single serve snacks. Buy in bulk and divide into small baggies. Choose snacks that are low in sugar and high in healthy fats, protein, and fiber. You want to feel full, satisfied and fueled for whatever adventures come your way.


Wherever you go, don’t forget a BPA-free refillable water bottle. The constant blowing air in hotels, air conditioning and flights can be very dehydrating. In addition, getting enough water helps to ward off illness and fatigue and helps you arrive at your destination looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

If you are sick of plain water, add some citrus or cucumber. By replacing one soda a day with water, you are not only becoming healthier, but you are saving hundreds of dollars a year!


I bring an assortment of bagged teas, essential oils such as lavender and peppermint, Epsom salts and a hydrating mask with me when I travel. A warm bath and some herbal tea help me to detox from a stressful day of travel.


Sometimes you need to get creative with your workouts if you don’t have access to a gym. I like to pack an exercise band — they pack easily and provide a full body workout that you can do right in your hotel room. No equipment? Check out this issue’s “Get Active” workout.


If possible, request a room away from the elevator. Turn the thermostat down to cool your room below 70 degrees, put a towel at the base of the door to block out hallway light, bring ear plugs and eye masks. If you struggle with jet lag and/or insomnia, consider a melatonin or valerian root supplement.


No need to derail your nutrition when you walk into a restaurant. Follow these four tips to avoid sabotaging your healthy goals:

• Say no to the bread.
• Order double veggies instead of a starchy side like rice, pasta or potatoes.
• Avoid sugary drinks such as soda, juices, mixed drinks and flavored teas.
• If the dessert is something truly special, share it among the table. If it isn’t all that special, skip it and order a hot tea instead.



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